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Natural Therapies in Pregnancy and Childbirth

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Homeopathy has a great deal to offer the pregnant woman, during both the pregnancy and delivery, as it carries no side effects. One of the fantastic things about homeopathy is that it can be used safely by the pregnant/breastfeeding woman with no fear of it interfering with the baby. In fact, each year more and more midwives train in homeopathy so that they can administer it as part of their general care for the expectant mother.

During pregnancy, any conventional medication may feel like a threat to the unborn. However, the gentle and ancient system of homeopathy suits pregnancy because it does not introduce harmful substances into the body. With homeopathy, you're not just treating a symptom - nausea, constipation or itchiness, for instance - you're treating the whole pregnant person.

Natural Therapies for Mother and Child

By stimulating the vitality of a pregnant woman, homeopathic treatment will automatically benefit her baby. By being as healthy as possible during pregnancy you give your baby the ideal conditions in which to thrive. Many homeopaths will additionally advise you on diet and lifestyle to encourage a healthy pregnancy and birth through the improving health of your lifestyle.

Good homeopathic treatment prior to conception can help you to be as healthy as possible during your pregnancy. The many physical and emotional changes of pregnancy may cause minor health problems such as mild urinary troubles, diarrhoea, heartburn, anaemia, varicose veins, backache, cramps, thrush and emotional distress to name but a few. All these problems and other more complicated symptoms such as raised blood pressure or oedema can be helped by professional homeopathic treatment. Sometimes the effects can seem immediate and startling. For example, high potency Pulsatilla, used towards the end of pregnancy, is recommended for turning a breech baby head downwards.

Natural Therapies during Pregancy and Labour

Homeopathy can help with many of the ailments of pregnancy e.g. heartburn, depression, blood pressure, piles and a lack of vitality, though these generally need to be dealt with by an experienced Homeopath. One ailment you can often treat safely and successfully yourself is nausea & vomiting. Homeopathy can relieve these symptoms without side effects. We run regular Homeopathy Courses to allow you to prescribe at home.

Homeopathic treatment during pregnancy is a good way to ensure maximum health at the time of birth and hence prevent problems arising. You may want to consider asking your Homeopath to attend the birth or at least be aware of their availability around the expected time.

Homeopathic remedies are safe and useful during all three stages of labour. There are remedies that deal with problems during labour such as retained placenta, ineffectual contractions, prolonged labour, uterine haemorrhage etc.Homeopathic treatment is able to help with many of the difficulties which can arise for the mother (e.g. mastitis and lack of energy or depression) and for the child (e.g. teething, eczema, persistent nappy rash and recurrent colds).

Consulting a Homeopathy

If you are planning a pregnancy, it is worth consulting a professional homoeopath for care during pregnancy, birth and the post-partum period - obviously in addition to the medical team at the hospital. There are 'first-aid' remedies that can help with minor or uncomplicated problems. A remedy should be chosen that best matches the general state - as well as the symptoms.

Remedies are chosen after a consultation, which can include bewildering questions about whether you have hot feet and what you like best to eat. This is in order to establish a complete picture of the patient, to which the homeopath can match a correct remedy. The same symptom can be treated with a wide variety of different remedies, depending on the person's unique susceptibility. Once the remedy has been chosen, it works by stimulating the recipient's healing potential and restoring equilibrium.