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Nutritional Therapy in Sydney

Nutrition is an essential component of comprehensive health-care services. Individuals with a variety of conditions and illnesses can improve their health and quality of life by receiving nutritional advice from a qualified therapist. Good nutrition can increase your health and well-being, and increase productivity and quality of life.

The word "Nutrition" comes from a Latin word which means to "nourish" or to "to feed".

How well we feel depends on the efficiency with which our body produces hormones, enzymes, prostaglandins, blood cells, antibodies and countless other substances. All these substances are made from food, but many people cannot assimilate their food properly, perhaps because of poor digestion or chronic irritation of the digestive system. They may also have a toxic overload - a build-up of unwanted waste substances that get in the way of efficient functioning. Food allergies or intolerances can also cause a lot of unpleasant symptoms, which may be delayed or chronic, and difficult to relate to a specific food.

How can I benefit from Nutritional Advice?

These days you can find many different books around on the subject of diets. Many of these have been written by people who have overcome their own problems with various types of diet. However, we are all different in our inheritance, our life experiences, our diets (past and present) and our combination of health problems. Therefore, what works for one will not necessarily work for someone else with a similar problem. It is for this reason that naturopathic practitioners see each person as an individual with their own set of circumstances. These circumstances may include features in common with people troubled by similar complaints but in addition there may be factors particular to you. It is discovering these additional factors that is often the key to successful treatment.

Your therapist will advise on how to improve your body's efficiency by identifying and then dealing with these problems using a number of different types of diets, remedies and dietary supplements, according to individual need. An efficiently functioning body finds it easier to repair itself and heal itself, but if you have a serious illness much will depend on your body's powers of recuperation and on other factors such as stress.

Nutrition covers many areas including:

  • the science of food
  • why people choose certain foods
  • what foods are made of
  • the nutrients in foods
  • how the body uses food
  • food digestion
  • food functions

The first thing that should affect our food choice is a knowledge of nutrition. We should know what is available and acceptable, so that we can make the right choices for good health.

Nutrition and Children

Some of the most important decisions that a parent has to make in caring for their children concern their nutrition and health. Because of your unique and intimate relationship with your child, you play an invaluable role in your child’s present and future well-being through nutrition.

Nutrition provides the energy your child needs to grow, learn, think, talk, run, jump and play. It is the driving fuel necessary for building a strong and healthy body. Every single breakfast you feed your child, the lunches eaten at school, the snacks made to munch on, and dinners prepared are another opportunity to provide the essential building blocks for your child’s body and brain to develop properly.

Each one of a child’s 100 trillion cells is a little molecular motor designed to run at peak efficiency if fueled properly. Cells need water, vitamins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates and protein to produce vital energy to sustain the body’s many and varied functions. The nutrients in natural, unrefined, whole foods such as fruits and vegetables – called high-octane fuel – keep cells operating at peak performance and giving them a reserve for healing. If the deliveries of necessary nutrients don’t arrive, the cells slow their work down – and so does your child!

There also exists a nutrition/mood relationship in which nutrition provides immediate “feedback” information to the body. Food can make your child feel full, satisfied, happy and re-energised, or tired, drowsy, irritable, hyperactive or impulsive!

The cause-and-effect relationship between the wrong nutritional choices and negative moods or impaired learning abilities can become a vicious cycle. If poor eating habits are the initial problem, mood swings, poor concentration, irritability, depression and fatigue may follow due to dietary deficiencies or excesses. These unpleasant side effects will only send your child searching for another sugary delight to feel better. Have you ever noticed your child suffering from “head on the desk syndrome” after eating the wrong food for lunch? Poor food choices will send a child searching for the next packaged goody creating further nutritional debts.

Every minute, 200 million new cells are renewed, revitalised or reformed in your child’s body. This is a total of 300 billion new cells a day! The quality of the nutrition taken daily, directly influences the high-quality or low-quality development and functioning of each and every cell. Skin, hair, eyes, brain, immune system and memory can all be affected. The addition or omission of nutrients in a child’s diet can make or break their attention span, learning capability, vibrant energy and mood. If your child eats too many synthetic foods, their body will “fall out of its natural rhythm” to self-diagnose and self-heal spontaneously.

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